About Dr. Grigoryan

WEB Dr. Grigoryan  provides  comprehensive women’s healthcare services for all age groups in a personal, caring manner.  With more than 25 years of practice and surgical experience, Dr. Grigoryan continues to provide up-to-date medical care and safe surgery with sensitivity and compassion.

Dr. Grigoryan specializes in surgical treatment of various forms  of  gynecologic  problems and has vast experience in performing complex gynecologic surgeries. He relies on evidence – based medicine as a guiding practice philosophy, and early adoption of new but proven surgical technologies. Dr. Grigoryan has a special interest in treatment of fibroids and hysterectomy alternatives. He uses a multidisciplinary and individualized treatment approach including: hormonal management, minimally invasive and robotic techniques.

Dr. Grigoryan is a highly respected physician with  considerable  clinical  and  research  experience. Having  originally completed his OB/GYN training in Moscow, Russia in 1986, he subsequently pursued a Doctorate degree and served as an Assistant Professor and Chief of Gynecology at the Moscow Medical Academy. In 2004 Dr. Grigoryan completed his residency from St. Vincent’s Hospital and  served  as a  Chief of Gynecology subsequently until 2010. He currently  serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and affiliated with Mount Sinai Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Grigoryan is Board-certified by the  American  Board  of  Obstetrics  and  Gynecology  since  2007 and  is  a  Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.